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The authority on everything Stevie is Craig Hopkins who has spent 18 years researching Stevie's daily (and nightly) activities.
The 'Validity' column is an indication (5=gig listed, plus set list; 4=gig listed; etc) of how closely the data supplied with the clip matches that in his phenomenal books
Day By Day, Night After Night, and The Updated 2-Volume Set [MUST-HAVE for Stevie lovers!]
while the 'Page' column is the page number on which the gig is mentioned, and Page2 column is that in the 2-volume set.
AQ is Audio Quality and VQ is video quality; both are subjective.
Special thanks goes out to SRV Bootlegs for all of his uploading efforts

Currently 74 clips are indexed

The Stevie Ray Vaughan - Through The Years
Title Town Venue Date AQ VQ Comments Validity Page Page2
+ Austin 1973 [BOOTLEG]
Austin, TX St. Edwards University 1973-02-03 Audience, B+ N/A Bootleg say "Blackbirds" but Hopkins lists Krackerjack - Bruce Bowland: vocals; Stevie Vaughan: guitar; Robin Syler: guitar; Tommy Shannon: guitar; Uncle John Hunter: guitar, vocals. Yet, there is piano on the cuts, but who is playing is unknown. 4 60 V1/70
+ Paul Ray & The Cobras - Soap Creek Saloon [BOOTLEG]
Austin, TX Soap Creek Saloon 1975-05-05 Audience recording, A N/A Hopkins does not list this gig, but acknowledges that, other than newspapers, there is no hard source of gig info. 2 76 V1/91
+ Triple Threat Revue Vol. 3 [BOOTLEG]
Lubbock, TX Stubb's Bar-B-Q? 1978-04-12? Audience, A N/A Hopkins list "Triple Threat Review" as existing from Sept. 1977 - May, 1978, and the first instance them playing there is in April, 1978
Stevie's playing is very BB King, but hyped up quite a bit.
3 100 V1/121
+ Live 1978 - Triple Threat Revue Vol. 2 [BOOTLEG]
Lubbock, TX Stubb's Bar-B-Q 1978-06-01/03 Audience, A N/A The performance date is confused. One side of the bootleg says 1977 and the other side says June, 1978. Hopkins has Stevie at Stubb's 6/1-6/3, 1978 2 103 V1/125
+ Stubb's Barbecue 1978 [BOOTLEG]
Lubbock, TX Stubb's Barbecue 1978-12-?? Soundboard recording N/A Hopkins lists no gigs at Stubbs in December,but he does list gigs there on 10/5-6 and February 1979
Personnel listed: Stevie Ray Vaughan - guitar, vocals Lou Ann Barton - vocals Freddie "Pharoah" Walden - drums Jack Newhouse - bass Johnny Reno - sax
2 111 V1/137
+ San Francisco Blues Festival 1979 [BOOTLEG]
San Francisco, CA San Francisco Blues Festival 1979-08-12 Soundboard, A- N/A Hopkins has this gig with set list down to "I'll Change" 4 120 V1/147
+ In The Open 1979 [BOOTLEG]
Palo Alto, CA Keystone 1979-08-20 Soundboard, A+ N/A Fat Fry show KFAT-FM 4 120 v1/147
+ Guitar Boogie [BOOTLEG]
Austin, TX Steamboat 1874 1980-04-01 Audience, A N/A The set list on the bootleg is wrong.
From commenter Charles McGarry: these songs are not close to the right order they were played on April1, 1980 - a show I was at and recorded from the audience. This is the full 4-1-80 set list: 1. In The Open, 2. Dust My Broom (Robert Johnson), 3. They Call Me Guitar Hurricane, 4. The Sky Is Crying, 5. I'm Leaving You (Commit A Crime), 6. All Your Love I Miss Loving, 7. Tin Pan Alley, 8. Love Struck Baby, 9. Tell Me (Howling Wolf), 10. Shake For Me (Howling Wolf) aka Rocking Daddy, 11. Little Wing, 12. Collins Shuffle, 13. I'm Crying, 14. Texas Flood, 15. I Tried Pretty Baby, 16. Hideaway, 17. Rude Mood
Hopkins basically confirms, but does not list Rude Mood.
4 128 V1/157
+ Live @ Steamboat 1874
Austin, TX Steamboat 1874 1980-04-01 A N/A This appears to be the full set
From commenter Philip Charles:
I lived in Austin from 1977 to 1985, saw a few SRV shows at Steamboat on 6th Street, Antones on Guadalupe and one of the best was a Halloween party at the Ark, a housing coop near UT. Those were some of the best days of my life. Thanks for sharing this gem.
4 128 V1/157
+ Live at the Rome Inn [BOOTLEG]
Austin, TX Rome Inn 1980-04-20 Audience Recording, A- N/A Hopkins list nothing for 4/20, but has gigs there on April 5th, 7th, 18th, 19th
and the last night of the club's existence, the 24th. This last gig has a set list, but it doesn't match.
Two sets include with the audio a bit better on the second set.
1 126 V1/158
+ The King's Head Inn [BOOTLEG]
Norfolk, VA King's Head Inn 1980-07-22 Soundboard, A N/A From the poster: Stevie Ray Vaughan - guitar, vocals Jackie Newhouse - bass Chris Layton - drums
Here is the 'full' King's Head gig from 1980.
Not as good quality as the FM broadcast but still a great soundboard recording.

From commenter Bryan Dunn:
Right in My backyard, Love this. Kings head was " the Spot" back in the day. I was too young to get in but people talked about and still do to this very day.
5 130 V1/162
+ LIVE San Marcos 1980 [BOOTLEG]
San Marcos, TX Cheatham St. Warehouse 1980-12-11 Audience recording N/A Stevie Ray Vaughan - guitar, vocals, 6-string bass Jackie Newhouse - bass Chris Layton - drums
* Charlie Sexton, guitar, vocals (14 years old at the time)
4 133 V1/165
+ Harling's Upstairs [BOOTLEG]
Kansas City, MO Harling's Upstairs 1981-07-04 Audience Recording, A- N/A An incredible show - almost 3 hours of ferocious playing
from commenter bluesin:
Frosty is the song at 23:00. Date was correctly logged as July 4, 1981. It was a show I produced.
His distortion on the 2nd track was without pedals, wrenching is neck while he braced the axe on the stage with his foot. Amazing strength & lightning fast fingers.
No others have been able to match before or after
5 140 V1/177
+ Houston, TX [BOOTLEG]
Houston, TX Fitzgerald's 1981-10-14 Audience, B+ N/A From commenter Lawrence Meyering:
1:05:52 - Tin Pan Alley - now he's down 1/2 step (Eb). the only way this is possible is if he and Tommy switched guitars. very possible 'cause SRV was still experimenting. had to be a tape edit here if this is the case.
A bit more. SRV is tuned down a Full Step here. this is why we hear him tuning more than usual. my cassette (Fitzgerald's 1980) was dropped a full step as well. this is why this recording has more balls than others. SRV was still experimenting w/dropping 1/2 step or full step. he eventually settled on 1/2 step (Eb). the Full step drop is a remarkable thing to hear. Also...he would be fighting the Strat more than in Eb. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS RECORDING! MAKING MY DAY!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!
5 147 V1/185
+ Live at Fitzgerald's [BOOTLEG]
Houston, TX Fitzgerald's 1981-10-15 Audience, A N/A 1st set - tape source, 2nd set - CDR source, end of 2nd set - tape source. 4 147 V1/186
+ Houston, TX [BOOTLEG]
Houston, TX Fitzgerald's 1981-11-20 Audience, A N/A From commenter Edward Meniola:
I remember this particular gig! I met SRV that night and party with him and the band until 8:00 a.m. In the morning. Fitgeralds was being managed by a really cool lady named Patty, and the place was always rocking on Fri, Sat, and during the week too. This was my main hang out in the Heights! It's located right off white oak if you have been there you know where it's at. Born and raised in Houston, Texas!!!!!!
4 148 V1/187
+ Hendrix Gig
Houston, TX Fitzgerald's 1982-02-27 Audience, B+ N/A From commenter HardTexasBlues:
I lived only a few blocks from Fitz's on the same road which was White Oak in Houston, Tx. Sara Fitzgerald loved Stevie, and this was Stevie's favorite club to play at cause Sara didn't care how loud Stevie played. I attended almost every one of Stevie's shows there. About once a month, even the Texas Flood release party on June 20th 1983. I do know what Stevie used on stage. The house had 2 Mesa single 15" StudioMasters. They had a equilizer on the front. Stevie had a single Fender pre 67 Blackface Super Reverb with the bias so hot a set of 6L6GC Blackplate tubes would barely make it through the night. He would adjust the Mesa EQ to have max midrange. On the floor was no Fuzzface. A UniVibe, TS9 with an Op Amp chip that was used in the older Ibanez TS 808. Got some great pics from them days.
4 150 V1/190
+ Luckenbach 1982 [BOOTLEG]
Luckenbach, TX Barton Creek Benefit 1982-03-28 Audience, A N/A Bootleg says A.J.'s, but that is in Austin, at which SRV played the same day. 4 151 V1/191
+ LIVE Opry House 1982 [BOOTLEG]
Austin, TX Opry House 1982-08-10 Audience, A N/A Hopkins has nothing on August 10th, but Stevie was in Austin on the 9th. 0 0 0
+ Live On The Bayou - SBD [BOOTLEG]
Washington, D.C. The Bayou 1983-07-27 Soundboard, A+ N/A From commenter JJ talking about Dirty Pool/Tin Pan Alley:
Actually they start the song as "Tin Pan Alley" and then switch to "Dirty Pool" after a couple of minutes or so. They did the same trick also at the Tokyo show in jan 1985, but then it was more obvious, since Stevie had sung the verses of Tin Pan prior to changing. But also in this particular performance you can hear the spesific guitar parts and arrangement of Tin Pan Alley at the start. And also the change of key is obvious.
4 198 V2/30
+ The Last Child [BOOTLEG]
Hollywood, CA The Palace 1983-08-22 Soundboard, A+ N/A From commenter Daniel Simon:
This opening song is Testify. And the concert is from the Hollywood Palace, Aug 22, 1983. This was a originally an FM broadcast (probably 94.7 KMET Los Angeles). The location recording is from a multi-channel professional soundboard recorded by the Westwood One mobile recording truck. THAT'S WHY IT SOUNDS SO GOOD! The sound engineer was Biff Daws. This recording may be a direct rip from a cassette recorded from the radio broadcast, but I think I sounds too good (not too much tape hiss nor FM intermodulation noise). So it may be a transfer from the radio promo vinyl record, but I do not hear ticks & pops typically associated vinyl LPs (even clean and mint records have some groove noise). My final opinion, this may have been copied directly from the Westwood One master 1/4 inch stereo tape (analog reels). Back in those days, analog reel to reel tape was still the industry standard for professional recording.?
4 199 V2/32
+ Stevie's Birthday Party [BOOTLEG]
Austin, TX City Coliseum 1983-10-07 Audience, B+ N/A with Eric Johnson and the Avenue 5 205 V2/38
+ In Memoriam Vol. 1 [BOOTLEG]
Philadelphia, PA Ripley's Music Hall 1983-10-20 Soundboard, A+ N/A This is the set that was included in the Legacy Edition of Texas Flood

There is no denying this is a glorious set!

4 206 V2/39
+ Live At The Ripley Music Hall
Philadelphia, PA Ripley's Music Hall 1983-10-20 A+ N/A This upload, the same gig as above, but not the entire set, has DJ John DeBella of WMMR clearly saying 'Ripley's Music Hall'. 4 206 V2/39
+ Civic Center - Baltimore, MD
Baltimore, MD Civic Center 1983-10-25 Audience, B+ N/A Right after Pride and Joy you can hear someone say "Maybe they should have the Moody Blues opening for him"! Also right before Voodoo Child (Slight Return) Stevie says "Sounds good to me." and then you can hear someone, probably the taper or the tapers friend say, the same thing back to Stevie. 4 206 V2/40
+ Houston, TX [BOOTLEG]
Houston, TX Summit Arena 1983-11-07 Audience, B+ N/A 4 207 V2/41
+ Washington, DC [BOOTLEG]
Washington, D.C. Wax Museum 1983-12-27 Soundboard / audience recording N/A 1st set recorded with soundboard and then audience sources, second set and Bob Margolin encore has audience source
From commenter Anthony Fender:
I've seen a Chris Layton interview where he said that he's done more than a 1000 shows with SRV and every single one of them was "different" or a "new experience". Thanks again SRV Bootlegs, that is some quality recording.
5 209 V2/44
+ Seurahuone 1984 [BOOTLEG]
Oulu, Finland Sportshall (Urheilutalo)YNNI 1984-03-29 Audience recording, B N/A Bootleg says Seurahuone, Hopkins has Sportshall 4 218 V2/55
+ North Brunswick 1984 [BOOTLEG]
East Brunswick, NJ The Metro 1984-04-25 Audience recording (B to B+ quality) N/A 5 221 V2/57
+ Milwaukee, WI [SBD BOOTLEG]
Milwaukee, WI Summerfest, Marcus Amphitheater 1984-07-03 Soundboard recording, B N/A From commenter Beth Oswald:
So glad you posted this! I became a superfan after that night! Saw SRV every time he came around until the night before he passed away. Miss him!

From commenter manitou2010:
Thanks for a trip down memory lane. I was at this concert. -- When I went to Summeriest that day, I actually thought it was the night that Tesla was headlining the rock stage and was pissed when I found out some "guy" I never heard of was headlining. The minute that Stevie ripped into Voodoo Chile Slight Return, my musical life was changed forever! -- I will always remember his hat with the concho's on it. Bad ass. -- I was stationed in Guam, with the Navy, when I saw on the news that Stevie's helicopter went down in my "homeland" of Wisconsin. RIP, SRV.
4 225 V2/62
+ Guitar Hurricane [BOOTLEG]
Boston, MA The Orpheum Theater 1984-10-06 Audience recording, B- N/A Very enthusiastic crowd, sometimes overwhelms the recording 4 236 V2/76
+ Phoenix, AZ [BOOTLEG]
Phoenix, AZ Veteran's Memorial Coliseum 1984-10-19 Audience recording (B+ quality) N/A 4 237 V2/76
+ Live Sydney 1984 (1/3)
Sydney, Australia Opera House 1984-11-09 Audience video shot, B B 5 238 V2/78
+ Alone In The Ozone [BOOTLEG]
Davis, CA University of California 1984-11-24 Soundboard, A N/A Hopkins lists a gig on this date at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco, and that this gig is unconfirmed 3 239 V2/81
+ Live In Tokyo 1985
Tokyo, Japan Yubin Chokin Hall 1985-01-24 A A 1/23 gig also listed in Hopkins. My personal favorite gig. Texas Flood is astounding. 5 243 V2/86
+ Stiletto Rain [BOOTLEG]
Morrison, CO Red Rocks Amphitheater 1985-06-19 Soundboard, A+ N/A The date could be 6/17.

From commenter Avid Auto Glass:
there is some versions of this show at red rocks showing the date of 6/17. The SRV Data base states it was 6/19. I had a back stage pass and met SRV that night. My pass is marked 6/17. The data base is wrong.

From commenter blueline68:
I was at this show....Albert King, B.B King, and Bobby Blue Bland opened for Stevie and he really pulled out every stop to make sure he lived up to the honor. As is evidenced by the performance, he exceeded all expectations for me.
5 253 V2/100
+ Umbria Jazz Festival 1985 [BOOTLEG]
Perugia, Italy Umbria Jazz Festival 1985-07-14 Audience, B+ N/A 5 254 V2/102
+ Umbria Jazz Festival, Perugia, Italy, 1985
Perugia, Italy Umbria Jazz Festival 1985-07-14 Audience, B+ C+ 5 254 V2/102
+ Bumbershoot Festival 1985
Seattle, WA Center Coliseum 1985-09-01 Soundboard recording, A- N/A From commenter Twotontessie:
Felt like the old Seattle Coliseum was BORN to host epic rock shows. Great place to see shows, had good acoustics . . . wish I had seen Zeppelin there but at least I was there for this.
5 256 V2/104
+ Capitol Theater (OFFICIAL
Passaic, NJ Capitol Theater 1985-09-21 A A - seems professionally shot Hopkins lists the full set after Tin Pan Alley: Voodoo Chile (Slight Return), Come On (Part III), Life Without You, Pride and Joy, Love Struck Baby.

From commenter Steven Newman:
I was at this one. My friend Paul Cohen worked security and I was the only one standing on the aisle on the right looking at the stage. Amazing show. Tore the place up. R.I.P. Stevie. Thanks for the music.
5 258 V2/108
+ JB's Theatre, Albany, NY
Albany, NY J.B.'s Theater 1985-11-22 Audience, soft but clear N/A From commenter Dan Latham:
Was at this show too. If I remember it was GA. We rushed in and got the spot right on the stage under Stevie. Had my beer on the stage right next to his monitor. He gave my buddy Tom a broken e-string from #1 and I caught a pic Stevie tossed into the crowd. Totally awesome being that close.

From commenter Benjamin Greenberg:
I was at this show!!!!! it BLEW my 16 year old mind. Thanks for posting! I had no idea there was a recording.
4 264 V2/116
+ Texas Lightning [BOOTLEG]
Milwaukee, WI Oriental Theater 1985-12-07 Soundboard, A+ N/A From commenter Don Ricchio:
I was there that night.

From commenter Javier:
Rare slow version of May I Have a talk with you. Soulful indeed.
5 265 V2/116
+ Live @ Stegeman Coliseum, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia
Athens, GA Stegeman Coliseum, University of Georgia 1986-01-27 Audience video, lots of low rumble Hand held, lots of moving at times 5 270 V2/122
+ Live at Memorial Hall [BOOTLEG]
Kansas City, MO Memorial Hall 1986-02-08 Audience, A N/A From commenter Danny Spurgeon:
Thank you very much for the memories as I also was at this show of shows! Stevie and his brother on the same guitar WAS absolutely amazing. I didn't know Jimmy had that much talent to pull off such a complicated task. Looking forward to the remake. By the way did you see Stevie at The Starlight Theater? He made security leave fans alone when they started taking pictures and even struck some poses all while he playing. His exact words: "Leave those people alone. They can take my picture if they want." Class act.
5 271 V2/123
+ Detroit 1986 [BOOTLEG]
Detroit, MI Royal Oak Theatre 1986-02-22 Audience recording, B+, lots of drop outs N/A 4 273 V2/125
+ New Zealand 1986 [BOOTLEG]
Dunedin, New Zealand Town Hall 1986-03-10 Audience, B N/A From commenter Armskote:
I was there. still the best gig I have ever been too. wish i could remember it, i was smashed off my tits lol.
4 273 V2/126
+ Piscataway 1986 [BOOTLEG]
Piscataway, NJ Livingston Campus, Rutgers University 1986-04-15 Audience, B- N/A From the bootleg page: Taper's (bpthree) notes:
This was my first of the two times I saw SRV. This was before he went to rehab, and I kind of felt he was a little tipsy this night. The songs were jammed out forever, and I had three tape flips, which wasn't my norm. The last time I saw him was with the tour with Jeff Beck in 1989, after he had cleaned up his act.

Personally, I thought his playing had improved dramatically. Still, if one can play like this being high, then there is no hope for any of you aspiring guitarists! I had the pleasure of meeting Stevie at a record store signing on July 29, 1989 at "CROW'S NEST DIGITAL" in Naperville, IL. Easily the nicest person I ever met in the music biz. He made you feel like you were some long lost friend he hadn't seen in ten years. His autographs were beautiful penmanship, with a nice sentiment, not the normal rock star scribbles that you can't even figure out who there are, if you didn't already know. He was one of the greats, and is sorely missed.
4 277 V2/130
+ Liverpool, NY [BOOTLEG]
Syracuse, NY Memorial Day Musicfest, Longbranch Park 1986-05-25 Audience, A- N/A Liverpool is a suburb of Syracuse 4 279 V2/132
+ Hamburg 1986 [BOOTLEG]
Hamburg, Germany Grosse Feiheit 1986-09-14 Audience Recording, B+ N/A From commenter Javier
One of the Best versions of Im Leaving you (Commit A Crime).
4 288 V2/144
+ Live @ Stadthalle, Offenbach, Germany
Offenbach, Germany Stdthalle 1986-09-16 A- N/A This is the gig where Stevie stops a fight in the audience. 5 288 V2/145
+ First show after his rehab - Towson Center, MD [BOOTLEG]
Towson Center, MD Towson State University 1986-11-22 Audience recording (B quality) N/A This was Stevie's first show after his rehab and the first show of the Live Alive Tour. 5 295 V2/154
+ Saginaw, MI [BOOTLEG]
Saginaw, MI Wendler Auditorium 1986-12-09 Audience, B+ - drum heavy N/A 4 296 V2/156
+ Merrillville 1986 [BOOTLEG]
Merillville, IN Holiday Star Theater 1986-12-12 Audience Recording, B+ N/A From commenter theanthonyv:
I was at this show. He fucking killed it.
4 296 V2/156
+ Let The Goodtimes Roll In Brookville [BOOTLEG]
Brookville, NY Tilles Center, C.W. Post campus of Long Island University 1987-02-21 Remastered audience recording, B N/A 4 300 V2/164
+ Laporte 1987 [BOOTLEG]
La Porte, IN Civic Auditorium 1987-05-10 Audience recording, A N/A From commenter TexasBluesful:
I was there front and center. oh what a day!

From commenter Shawn McCaw:
TexasBluesful Me too!! We got there about 2pm and the band was in back having a BBQ!!! We hung out for about an hour; he signed all of our tik stubs and I caught a drumstick from Blackfoot!!! Some chick tried to steal my seat so I used my foot to push her ass out my chair!!! The bitch!!! You're right. What a Day!!!!!

From commenter Rick Sego:
I was at this show, just a punk ass kid outa high school taking my girl to a concert! who ever would of thought we seen one of the (Greatest Ever Live! ) at his Prime, SRV & Double Trouble Baby!
4 305 V2/170
+ Live @ Starwood Amphitheater
Nashville, TN MDA Telethon, Volunteer Jam XIII, Starwood Amphitheater 1987-09-06 A A From commenter Pete Zereeah:
I was there for this. I never heard of SRV until this. This was the Skynyrd 10 year Reunion Charlie Daniels Volunteer Jam.
5 309 V2/176
+ Live @ Fox Theater, St. Louis, MO
St. Louis, MO Fox Theater 1988-03-03 Audience video, fairly clear, B Handheld, C From commenter Lori Shumate:
If I'm not mistaken, he opened for the Allman Brothers on this date - and if so, I was there. What a long, long time ago>

From commenter Zurin Arctus:
It was the other way around.

From commenter Frank Freeman:
I was there. Second time that I saw him play. SRV was the headline act that night. Don't remember who warmed up. Saw him two years prior at the Keil Opera House with the Fabolous Thunderbirds warming. Jimmy joined him for the last set. It was killer!
5 312 V2/184
+ Maryland Rudies [BOOTLEG]
Emmittsburg, MD Knott Arena, Mt. St. Mary College 1988-05-13 Audience recording, B N/A 4 318 V2/189
+ Live East Rutherford 1988 (FANTASTIC SHOW!)
East Rutherford, NJ Brendan Byrne Arena 1988-05-17 Audience recording, B Distant, but relatively clear From commenter scottyv68:
I was in the second row, I came to see RP, but stevie blew him away, and I was hooked, I saw him 17 times after that

From commenter Darrin VanDemark:
Found this on youtube and realized i was there! He opened up for Robert Plant!
4 318 V2/189
+ Midtfyns Festival [BOOTLEG]
Ringe, Denmark Midtdyns Festival 1988-07-01 Soundboard recording, A+ N/A The bootleg has an outroduction and interview at the end that I did not list

From commenter Poul Mogensen:
many thanks for sharing, I was present at midtfyn, The day I lost my heart to Texas blues, amazing concert!
4 320 V2/191
+ Midtfyns Festival, Ringe, DEN (Video)
Ringe, Denmark Midtfyns Festival 1988-07-01 A Professional shot, A Video excerpt of full show.

From commenter VikingNo1FromDK:
Yes!! ...a great day. Thanks a million for posting this clip. I'm somewhere in the croud very close to the stage. Midtfyns festival was very good to guitar fans myself. They also had Walter Trout on several times ...and others.

From commenter Kim Murphy Mauritzen:
I was there, very close to the stage and was blown away by this superior performance. It was a great festival, also heard B.B. King , Los Lobos, Berth Jansch and lots of other good music there.
5 320 V2/191
+ In Italy [BOOTLEG]
Pistoia, Italy Pistoia Blues Festival 1988-07-03 Soundboard, A N/A Hopkins does not list Scuttle Buttin' 4 320 V2/191
+ live @ Palatrussardi, Milano, Italy
Palatrussardi, Italy Hiotfin Festival 1988-07-07 Audience Recording, A N/A 4 320 V2/191
+ Alive In Costa Mesa [BOOTLEG]
Costa Mesa, CA Pacific Amphitheater 1988-10-02 Audience recording, B+ N/A Hopkins lists the encore with Carlos Santana, but not this show. 3 323 V2/195
+ City Of Lights [BOOTLEG]
Los Angeles, CA Greek Theater 1988-10-06 Soundboard, A+ N/A 5 323 V2/196
+ Toronto, CAN [BOOTLEG]
Toronto, ON, Canada Kingswood Music Theater 1989-06-16 Audience Recording, A- N/A 4 333 V2/209
+ Minneapolis 1989 [BOOTLEG]
Minneapolis, MN Northrup Auditorium 1989-10-25 Soundboard recording, A+ N/A From commenter Gissert:
This was at the Northrup, not the Met [originally listed incorrectly - bhk]. Great show. Jeff Beck headlined. One of the loudest shows I've ever attended. We were in the second row, and it felt like Terry Bozzio's kick drum was moving my internal organs. Thanks for posting! If I recall it was the opening night of the tour.

From commenter David Hoff:
I was there, too, and have the same exact memory. Incredibly loud, Bozzio's drums sounded like WWIII and SRV and Jeff jammed together at the end.
5 337 V2/218
+ Landover, MD [BOOTLEG]
Landover, MD Capitol Center 1989-11-06 B - typical audience boomy sound N/A 4 340 V2/221
+ Miami Arena, Miami, FL
Miami, FL Miami Arena 1989-11-21 Audience, B- N/A 4 343 V2/224
+ Omaha, NE [BOOTLEG]
Omaha, NE Civic Auditorium Music Hall 1990-04-22 A N/A 5 355 V2/242
+ Holmdel 1990 [BOOTLEG]
Holmdel, NJ Garden State Arts Center 1990-07-07 Audience recording, A- N/A From commenter James Page:
This was my first concert in life. I was 13 and man what a night...
4 361 V2/249
+ George, WA [BOOTLEG]
George, WA The Gorge 1990-07-21 Audience, A N/A 4 364 V2/253
+ LIVE Kalamazoo [BOOTLEG]
Kalamazoo, MI Kalamazoo Country Fair 1990-08-24 Audience Recording, A- N/A From commenter Steven Burdette:
I was there, the whole fair grounds stopped and turned to the field.
People who didn't have tickets, ran up to the box office and started by buy tickets.
Man, Stevie sounded just like the tapes I had.
He was dressed in the purple outfit he died in.
4 369 V2/258
+ LAST SHOW ('feed to video board' SBD source)
East Troy, WI Alpine Valley 1990-08-26 Soundboard recording ('feed to video board' source) N/A From commenter Brandon Cash:
Best recording I have heard. Most are too bassy. Thanks!
5 371 V2/259