I created this page so I can see the tunes in my databse that are incomplete with respect to composer/lyricist, mostly in first name.
I care mostly about the older tunes. If you see a mistake or have some information to add, especially composer/lyricist, please email me. Thank you

800 tunes that need work. I care more about the older ones...

Title Composer

'Leven Thirty Saturday Night Earl Burtnett/Grantham/Kirkpatrick
(Take 'Em To The Door) That's All There Is There Ain't No More Blues Fred? Rose/Davis/Ray? Henderson
(Things We Want The Most Are) Hard To Get Meyer/Bryan/McGlaughlin
19th Street Blues
29th And Dearborn Jones
A Fool's Affair Unknown
A Good Deal Steal/Rogers
A Home In The Clouds Parker/Benny Goodman/Henderson/Benny Carter
A Rhythmic Dream Unknown
Accent On Swing Carter
Ad Lib Blues
After The Storm Nelson
All Aboard Gibson/Jimmy Mundy
All I Want Is 'Ittle Ootsie Oo Fraser/Mae/Lennie
All Neon Like Bjork
Along With Me Rome
Am I Really Sorry Unknown
Anchor Song Bjork
Announcement #2
Araby Edwards
Are You Blue? Kenny/Dennis
Ashes Hill
Ashes In The Tray Seller/Benjamin/Marcus
Awful Natural Lucky Millinder/Gibson
Ay-Ay-Ay Perez/Freire
Baby Santo Pecora/Newman
Baby, Don't You Tell Me No Lie unknown
Baby, You've Got The Right Idea Murray/Ray Noble
Back Bay Boogie Carter
Backyard Blues Unknown
Baltimore Bounce Lowe/Hawkins
Be Bo Bo Jack Purvis/Stevens
Be-Bop Bounce Horne
Bear Down Dowell/Fox
Bear Mash Blues Lowe
Bee-Ology Bee
Belgium Stomp Moore
Bersark Boogie Unknown
Bicycle Bounce Lowe
Big Ben Blues Carter
Big Butt D'Angelo
Big Fat Sam Range/Gee
Big Smack
Big Time Crip Mary Lou Williams/Wells
Black Boy Blues Unknown
Blue Jay Rex Stewart/Joya? Greene/Sherrill
Blues unknown
Blues Improvisation
Blues (My Naughty Sweetie Gave Me) Swanstone/McCanon/Morgan
Blues For Norman Shrdlu
Blues For Wendy Smoldas
Bo Diddy Wall
Boip! Boip! Leonard? Sues/Davis
Boodie Boodie Unknown
Boom Boom McFarland
Box Set Swell
Breakin' A Leg Andrews
Broadway Rhythm Joffe
Brot & Honig Parker
Bugs Parade Moore
Bull Blues Morris
Butterscotch Taylor
C'est Fini Chavez
C'est Mon Gigolo Casucci/Maufrey/(Peterburski?)
C. C. Pill Blues
Campus Unknown
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Can't Leave That Woman Alone Unknown
Carol's Carol Wall
Carolina Jay Gorney/Brown
Cascade Murley
Cement Mixer Gaillard
Charley Cadet Fogarty/Valee
Charlie's Home Unknown
Cheetie Bo Joe Unknown
Chicago Blues Allen
Chili Blues Unknown
Chimes Blues Gene Rose/Johnson/Jesse Stafford
Choo Choo Blues Barr
Close Your Eyes Bernice Petkere (Kahal/Monaco)?
Closing Announcement
Coast To Coast Hawkins/Smith
Communications Ricks/Slim Gaillard
Compton Avenue Blues Johnson
Constantly unknown
Contingency Plan Jefferson
Covered Wagon Days Unknown
Crazy 'Bout Rhythm Unknown
Cuban Boogie Woogie Charles La Vere/Lake
Cuckoo Reitz
Cuddle Up, Huddle Up Carter
Cuttin' The Campus Charlie Shavers/John Kirby/Hardin
Dad Blame Blues Unknown
Daddy-O Rogers
Dag Knows
Dalasi Uhrik
Dark Eyes Clarence Williams/Buddy Christian/Murray
Darling, How You Lied Unknown
Dawn Patrol Unknown
Day After Day Morris
Dear Little Pipistrelle Coe
Deedle-De-Dum Ella Fitzgerald/Donald Kahn/Wynn/Waters
Deserted Blues Garner
Dicty Blues Henderson/Lyons
Dirty T. B. Blues Spivey
Dit Dot Dit Reid
Dixie Drag Otvos
Dizzy Corners
Do Just As I Say Newman/Steve J. Lewis/Armand J. Piron
Do That Thing Bechet
Do You? That's All I Want To Know! Jack Yellen/Russell/Charles? Tobias/Henry? Tobias
Doggin' Man Blues unknown
Doghouse Interior Hasselbring
Doin' The Bow Wow Unknown
Dolomite Johnson
Dolorosa Wall
Don't Bring Me Posies Rose
Don't Come Knockin' At My Door Sacks/Friedlander
Don't Come Runnin' Back To Me Washington/Johnson/Woods
Don't Hesitate Too Long Greene
Don't Lose It
Don't Push, Don't Pull
Dosvuk II [coda] Prochazka
Down On The Amazon Unknown
Down South Blues Henderson/Waters
Dozvuk 1 Prochazka
Dream Child Palmer
Dream Lullaby Carter/Mills
Dreamland Wall
Drifting Along Lowe
Driftwood Gold
Drum Roll & Theme: Mop Unknown
Drummer Man Unknown
Dual Highway
Dust Dick Fisher/Rice
Earthquake Unknown
Easy Rider Brooks
El Toro Mambo
El'ga Torok
Elzadie's Policy Blues
En Ce Temps-la Trenet
Enchanted Wall Unknown
Enter, Evening (alt. take) Taylor
Enter, Evening (Soft Line Structure) Taylor
Episodes From a Village Dance Rosenberg
Ev'ry Goodbye Ain't Gone Carter
Every Man That Wears Bell Bottom Briches Ain't No Monkey Man Campbell
Everybody Shuffle Carter
Everybody's Doin' The Charleston Now Cecil Mack/James P. Johnson/White
Everything's Fine With Me Brown
Exhibionista Barta
Exit Music (For A Film) Radiohead
Faces At The Window James Dyrenforth/Belmont
Far Cry Unknown
Fat Stuff Coleman/Page
Feelin' The Spirit Russell
Fifteen Years (I'm Still Serving Time) Roberts/Fischer
Fifty-Seven Varieties
Fig Leaf Unknown
Finding The Long Way Home
Fine Fine Daddy Dinah? Washington/Raggs
Flippity Flop Flop Weir
Floresta Azul Antonio Adolfo/ZeJorge
Forever Blue Carter
Four To Go Kyle/George? Duvivier
Fraternity Blues Kay Kyser?/Murphy
Frevo Gismonti
Frog Hop
Geechee Gene Austin/Booker?
Get Goin' (Get Ready For Love) Seymour/Rich
Get Your Man Lief/Perkins
Ghost Of The Freaks Russell
Gin And Jive Carter
Girls Like You Were Meant For Boys Like Me unknown
Give Me Back My Tears Unknown
Give Me Just A Little Bit (Of Your Love) Palmer/Williams
Gleeby Rhythm Is Born Grimes/Edgar? Battle/Louis Prima
Gloaming Ehring
Gloria Williams
Go Get 'Em Caroline Henry? Creamer/Myer
Goin' Fishin' unknown
Going Away Blues Johnson?
Gone (But Still In My Heart) Ley/David
Good Dip Smith
Good Feelin' Blues Bonlanger/DeCimber
Good Feeling Blues
Good Girl
Gotta Have You Samuels/Mac/Lennie
Grand Terrace Rhythm Henderson
Guess Who? Davidson/Watkins
Hammond Stomp
Have It Ready Henderson
Hawk's Boogie Hawkins/Harris
He Loves Me, I Think Unknown
Heavy Shit Freeman
Hell's Bells Kassel
Hell's Gate Wall
Hey Daddy-O Khatab/A. K. Salim
High Tension Bee
Hippy-Dippy unknown
Hokus Pokus Russell
Holiday For Swing Lowe
Homecoming Holland
Honest And Truly Rose
Hopeless Blues Unknown
Hot And Anxious Henderson
Hot Moments Green
Hot Mustard Henderson
Hot Platter Lowe/Hawkins
Hot Potatoes
Hot Sauce Susie Demboe
Hot Soy Unknown
Hot Stuff Jackson/Herb Wiedoeft/Gene Rose/Jesse Stafford
Hotter Than 'Ell Henderson
House Rent Ball Brooks
Houston Blues Thomas
How Am I Doin', Hey Hey Branch/Redman
How's Never Holland
Hum All Your Troubles Away Rush/Rowell/Smith
Hurry, Hurry! Larkin
I Ain't Got Nothin' To Lose Dick Jacobs/Oliver
I Can Sew A Button Unknown
I Challenge Your Kiss Unknown
I Don't Care If I Never Dream Again Drake/Hoffman/Livingston
I Don't Know And I Don't Care Henderson
I Don't Know What I'd Do Without You unknown
I Don't Want To Remember Unknown
I Fell In Love With A Dream Ella Fitzgerald/Skye/Goldsmith
I Got It Young
I Gotta Go Carter/Williams
I Had A Good Cry Prosen/Lang/Hawkins
I Had Someone Else Before I Had You (And I'll Have Someone After You're Gone) Harris/Darcy/Stanley
I Hate Myself For Lovin' You Unknown
I Hope I Die If I Told A Lie Little
I Knew A Time Unknown
I Know Hallowell/Felt/James
I Like What You Like Adrian Rollini/Kean/Rodgers
I Need A Shoulder To Cry On Unknown
I Need Lovin' Meuller Johnson/Glamor
I Passed Through Memphis Last Night
I Shall Never Forget unknown
I Think That Maybe I Should Go Away unknown
I Think You're A Honey Unknown
I Wanta Hear Swing Songs Oliver/Moore
I Wish I Could Make You Cry James/Wolf/Harris
I Won't Love You
I Wonder How You're Spending Your Evenings Now Dawson/Williams
I Wouldn't Give That Up For Love Burt Shevelove/Lafferty
I'd Be There
I'd Leave Ten Men Like Yours To Love One Man Like Mine Bloom/Farrar
I'll Gather Up My Memories Unknown
I'll Go Back To That Dear Old Pal O' Mine Unknown
I'll Never Forget Unknown
I'll Never Give In Johnson
I'm Crying Shelly/Baron/Levey
I'm Dreaming Dreams
I'm Getting Old Before My Time Unknown
I'm Gonna Keep My Eyes On You Brooks/Walsh
I'm In The Mood For Swing Carter
I'm Living On Love Holt/Evans
I'm Lost Rene
I'm Nuts About Screwy Music Rose
I'm Scared Of That Woman Burley
I'm So Doggone Melancholy Mitchelle/Ridgley/Hawkins
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry unknown
I'm The Caring Kind Carter/Sheperd
I'm Tickled To Death I'm Me Butler/Demerell/Evans
I'm Walking Between The Raindrops
I've Got A Sweet Somebody To Love Me Ryan/Handman
I've Got It All (If That's Any News To You) Unknown
I've Got The Right To Cry Liggins
I've Got The Strangest Feeling Bevell/Guy
I've Got Those Carolina Blues
I've Got To Be-Bop Fol
I've Got Two Lips Feather
I've Seen My Baby (And It Won't Be Long Now) Unknown
Icky Blues Rodin
If I Could Read Your Mind Carter/Feather
If I'm Without You Fine/Spear
If That's What You're Thinking You're Wrong Jack Lawrence/Gans
If You Don't Think I'm Leaving Astor/Ford/Bachelor
If You Leave Me Johnson
If You Want My Love, You Gotta Do More Than That unknown
Improptu Ensemble
In My Wedding Gown Kenny
In Your Arms Holland
Infidele (Cry) Churchill/Kohlman
Interview With Armstrong And Willis Conover Unknown
It Ain't Nobody's Biz'ness What I Do Browne/Sampsel/Markowitz
It Always Will Be You Copano/Hays/O'Day
It Won't Be Long Bennie Moten/Abraham
It Won't Be Long Now Miller
It's A Sin
It's Groovy unknown
It's Nice Like This Friends/Simons
It's Not A Secret Any More Hoffman
It's Time To Swing And Shout Durham
Itsuki no komoriuta (Lullaby of Itsuki)
Jack Climbed A Beanstalk Marcus/Seller/Bennie Benjamin
Jam Blues Shrdlu
Jangled Nerves Henderson/Moore
JATP Blues Shrdlu
Je Ne Sais Pa Pa (I Do Not Know) Fisher/Coleman
Jealous Jack Little/Marlie/Finch
Jeep Rhythm Oliver/Raye/Schoen
Jelly Bean (Just A Curbstone Cutie) Verges/Dupree/Rosen
Jelly Roll Kahn/Shelley
Jersey Lightning Russell
Jess's Natu'lly Lazy Bishop/Scharpe/Stone
Jet Propelled Papa Helen Humes/Williams
Jitterbug Serenade
Jivin' With The Notes Unknown
Juke Box Joe Barsky
Jump Nieske
Jump Call Carter
Jumpin' On Sugar Hill Helen Humes/Gooden
Junction Blues Lowe
June Tune Jefferson
Junk Man's Blues Dooley/Nichols
Just A Lone Hill Billy Kenny/Covell
Just A Mood Carter
Just Another Day
Just Blues Morris
Just Blues Henderson
Just Dream Unknown
Just Floating Along Sivaro/Shaw
Just In Case Amy Tivin/Kapp
Kansas City Breakdown Bennie Moten/Walden
Keep Looking Forward Davis/Ben Oakland
Keep Smiling Barnett
King Cole Blues Unknown
Klezmer Freeman
Knick Knack Smoldas
Krazy Kapers Carter
L'enfant Et La Rose Breta
La-bas Barclay
Lady Lou Berwick
Lammar's Boogie Wright
Lazaro Welsh
Lazy Blues Hawkins/Michael
Le Jazz Hot Mooney
Leave It That Way Unknown
Let It Be Woody/Woody/Carpenter
Let This Be A Warning To You Davis/Handman
Let Your Lips Touch My Lips Unknown
Let's Amalgamate Stone/Keppell
Let's Get Busy Ben? Oakland/Gilbert
Let's Go Around Together Wright/Ecton
Let's Have Fun Tonight Friend
Let's Make Hay While The Moon Shines Williams/Count Basie/Peterson
Let's Make Hay While The Sun Shines Williams/Count Basie/Peterson
Let's Try Again Hammond/Moore
Let's Walk Sivaro
Li'l Farina John Stafford Smith/Mier?
Libertango Piazzolla
Life Before The Rerun Marsella
Lilla Mae Unknown
Little Miss Ned Washington/Segure
Little Old Lady From Baltimore Jacobs/DePaul
Little Red Riding Woods Buddy Kaye?/Manning/Slim Gaillard
Little Rose Covered Shack Tannesy/Mills
Little Stomp Unknown
Lock Step Blues Unknown
Lollalagin Now
Lonely Little Bluebird
Lonesome Journey Blues Morris
Long Long Ago Unknown
Long Lost Daddy Ness
Look Here Cole/Thomas/Hart
Lord, You Made Us Human Dinah? Washington/Mayer/Welsh
Louise Dear Johns
Louisiana Swing Russell
Love Dreams Brown
Love Found You For Me Doc Cook/Williams
Love Letter To One Not Yet Met Weiss
Love, I Found You Gone Bailey/Levy/Washington
Lowdown Dirty Shame Unknown
Lucky Seven (Bill's Tune) Johnson
Lullaby To A Dream Carter
Lunceford Special Lunceford
Mad Monk Taylor
Makin' Wickey-Wackey Down In Waikiki Cavanaugh/Powell/Curtis/Hoffman/Lane
Malabu Carter
Malinda's Wedding Day Weldon
Mama Will Be Gone Fennell
Mamma's Gonna Slow You Down Cooper
Mandy Unknown
Marbles Unknown
Marguerite Kyle? Pierce/Novak
Married Man Blues Helen Humes/Woods
Mary Had A Little Lamb
Mary Lee Bennie Moten/Perry
Maybe Webber
Maybe You'll Be The One Who'll Be The One Who Cares Unknown
Mazeltov Unknown
Me And My Wig Johnny? Hodges/Palmer
Me And The One I Love Hugo/Luigi/Weiss
Me Neenyah (My Little One) Spencer/Brown
Me-Da-Um Dinheiro Ahi (Give Me Some Money There) unknown
Mean Ol' Choo Choo Unknown
Medley From Eura-Optimists - 1936 Unknown
Melancholy Lullaby Carter
Mexicali Moon Valentine/Mills
Mid The Pyramids Unknown
Midnight Gomez/Parker
Miles Apart Brevig/Domberger/Davis
Mine You'll Always Be Unknown
Minnie The Moocher Is Dead Musgrove/Taylor
Mirrors Wall
Mississippi Melody Tennent
Mississippi River Song 'Tapioca' Unknown
Mixup Oliver
Moanful Man Gillespie/Baker/Doc? Cook
Moaning The Blues Spivey
Modern Times Holland
Momma's In The Kitchen Buddy? Kaye/Manning
Money Blues Leader/Coleman/Eller
Monotony In Four Parts Moore
Moonlight Con? Conrad/Grendl
Moonlight Of The Purple Sage Kleinner
Mop Mop Teddy Wilson/J.C.Heard
Mother Goose Ziegler/Shank
Mr. Littleroot's Green Room Dolezal
Mr. Magoo Wall
Muggin' Lightly Russell/Levy
Music And Moonlight Wallace/Myers
Music'll Chase Your Blues Away Unknown
My Castle In Spain Jones
My Dream Man Dale
My Favorite Blues Carter
My Heart Beats For You Fisher/Allen/Kendrick
My Own Blues Winters
My Sunshine
Mystery Joseph A. Cirina/Abe Olman/Stevens
Nebbia Cisi
Needle Points Smith/Hawkins
New Orleans Medley - Part 1: (Intro: 'Way Down Yonder In New Orleans, Dear Old Southland, High Society and Rampart Street Blues)
New Orleans Medley - Part 1: (Intro: 'Way Down Yonder In New Orleans, Dear Old Southland, High Society and Rampart Street Blues)
New Orleans Medley - Part 2
New Piano Roll Blues Unknown
New Street Swing Bulterman
Night Of The Living Blues Jewell
Nightfall Carter
Nixon, Dixon And Yates Blues
No Baybe, Nobody But You Ellis
No Negative Energy Skinner
No Negative Energy: Intro Skinner
No One Man Unknown
No Soap/(A Jitterbug Jamboree) Lowe
No Use Squawkin' Lowe/Hawkins
Non-Skid Manure
Nona Lowe
Norfolk Ferry Hawkins
Nostalghia Weiss
Off The Beam Unknown
Oh Unknown
Oh Boy Durham/Lunceford
Oh Me! Oh My Barr
Oh Why, Oh Why Hecht/Bass
Okiedokie Rene Hernandez/Machito
Old Black Joe's Blues Henderson
One Of These Days Hoffman
Onyx Club Record
Onyx Club Revue (No. 1)
Oriental Man
Original Chinese Blues Unknown
Original Stackoo' Lee Blues Unknown
Our Home Town Mountain Band Fields/Hall
Pa's Old Hat Guy
Panama Lambert/Dolin
Panama Limited Blues
Papa's Gone Fennell
Pass Out Lightly (There Ain't Nothin' To It) Washington
Patience And Fortitude Warren/Moore
Pay Day Daddy Blues
Penguin Swing
Pepper Blues Maguire
Pete Unknown
Piano Interlude
Picking Cotton
Please , Mister Sun Getzov
Please Don't Turn Me Down Barbarin
Please Handle With Care Stride/Ballard
Polka Dotty (Come Out Tonight) Redmond/David
Ponjola Jack Gardner/Crocker/McMahan
Poplar Street Blues Short/Mont
Port Wine Blues Samuels
Poslepu Prochazka
Postage Stomp
Pound Ridge Goodman
Pretty Eyes M. Redding/J. Lunceford/Welsh
Primitive Bloom
Puddin' Papa Gray
Put It Away Choate/Waters/Berns
Put Yourself In My Place Henry/Parrish
Raid On The Joint Lowe/Hawkins
Rain Forest Wall
Rainin' Oliver
Rainwater Motivational Jefferson
Rainy Days Unknown
Rambler's Rhythm Kwast
Rambling In C Carter
Really sorry Torok
Red Cap Armstrong/Hecht
Red Hot Unknown
Red Hot Dan Easton
Red Hot Mamma Wells/Cooper/Rose
Rehearsal In Love Allen/Bishop
Repay In Kind Moran
Rhapsody In Bass
Rhythm Crazy Henderson/Kurtz/Mills
Rhythm Serenade Unknown
Rib Town Shuffle Unknown
Riff Time Parrish
Riffin' Without Helen Improvisation
Ripples John Kirby/Jones
Rite Tite Bennie Moten/Clemmons
Rockaway Baby Piani/Sam H. Stept
Rockin' Rollers' Jubilee Davis
Roll Up The Carpets
Rose De Picardie Haydn/Wood
Rose Of Chile Bowers
Rospravka Prochazka
Rotten Cotton Gloves Arthurs/Gifford/Cliffe
Royal Blue
Rundle Murley
Running A Temperature Pascal/Fairchild
Russian Swing Unknown
Saboo Lowe/Hawkins
Sacrifice Weiss
Sad Eyes Burns/Lake
Sad Moments Unknown
Sad Story Blues Sy Oliver/Jacobs
Sammy's Nightmare Hawkins/Lowe
Sanctus Hall
Saratoga Drag Russell/Walton
Saratoga Shout Russell/Holmes
Sassin' The Boss McKinnon/Wagner/Adams
Satan Does The Rhumba Lowe/Hawkins
Saturday Night Function Kenny/McCoy
Sauve qui peut (Vienne) Stangl
Savoy Shout Russell/Metcalf/Victor
Savoy Stampede Carter
Say Say Sadie Conrad
Scandal in A Flat Carter
Scategoria Unknown
Scissor Grinder Joe Gillespie/Stocco
Serenade To A Poodle Ricks/Slim Gaillard
somewhere i have never traveled, gladly
Carla Bley/Cummings
Shake It Down Williams/Urquhart
Shake Your Head (From Side To Side) Cahn/Gerow
Shake Your Little Shoulder MacBoyle/Maceo Pinkard/Ruby? Cowan
She Loves Me Just The Same Fogerty/Rudy Vallee/Sanders
She's A Mean Job Selby
She's No Trouble (Sweetheart) Hayes
Sheep Walking Murley
Shipyard Ramble Hawkins/Lowe
Shirt Tail Stomp Goodman
Shoemaker's Holiday McKay
Short Order Jefferson
Shorty Gull
Si Vous Connaisez Papa Yvain
Siam Soo Maurice K.? Jerome/Motzam
Side Door (Don't Kid Yourself)
Simple And Sweet Green/Baer
Since You're Gone Levy/Glyn Lea Long
Skadatin Tobias/Siras
Skeeg-a-Lee Blues Ford/Ford
Skip It Carter
Slew Foot Joe Unknown
Slow As Molasses
Slow Beef
Slow Boat
Slow Burn Moore
Slow Coach King/Price
Smirk Jefferson
Smoke Dreams Of You Gibson/De Greville
Sneakin' Out Smith
Snookum Bennett
So Is Your Old Man Unknown
So Long, Pal Paul Van Loan/Roy Bergere/Anderson
So Young, So Beautiful
So's Your Old Man McCord/Perry Bradford
Some Of These Mornings Moore/Worde
Someone Else Is Taking My Place Howard/Ellsworth/Morgan
Someone Waits For Me Chelsey
Song Of The Swanee Luis Russell/Dux/Walter
Songsmith Jefferson
South Bennie Moten/Washington
South Bound Rag
Southside F.Jackson/Earl Hines
Spoken Commentary by Mary Lou Williams Williams
Stalker Weiss
Starlight Souvenirs Connelly/Dash/Shapiro
Steady Roll Unknown
Steal Away
Stein Song Colcord/Fensted
Steps Taylor
Stingy Blues Pack/Blackman/Blackman/Merrill
Stomp It, Mr. Kelly Kelly
Stomp, Mr Henry Lee Kelley/Teagarden/Condon
Stomp, Mr. Henry Lee Kelley/Teagarden/Condon
Stop, Pretty Baby, Stop Lovett/Saunders/Washington
Stormy Monday Blues Crowder/Hines/Eckstine
Stratosphere Lunceford/Bishop/Moran
Strictly Instrumental Battle/Benjamin/Marcus/Seiler
Strictly Swing Hawkins/Range/Parrish
Strutter's Drag Coleman/Warfield
Studio Chatter
Studio Discussion
Sugar Is Back Springer
Sunday Special Unknown
Swamiji's Mood Tchicai
Swanee Butterfly Donaldson/Rose
Sweet Cookie
Sweet Liza Hirsch/Samuels
Sweet Rosita Mills/Clarence Gaskill
Sweet Thing Williams/Kahn/Verges
Sweetheart Of Yesterday Bennie Moten/Hold/Sanders
Swing Is Here Berry/Eldridge/Krupa
Swing Out Hawkins/Parrish
Swing Tonic Baker
Swing, Benny, Swing Unknown
Swingin' At Chez Florence Hellmann
Swingin' At Maida Vale Carter
Swingin' On Lenox Avenue Johnson
Swinging In Harlem Lowe
Swingtonic Baker
Syrah & Papidou Kruse
Take 'Em Unknown
Take Me Away From The River Parker
Takin' My Time Carter
Talking It Over Parsons
Tampa Shout Unknown
Telephoning The Blues Spivey
Tell Me Little Daisy Unknown
Tell Me Who Albert Brunies/Paley/Van Hook
Temperamental Papa Wendling/Brockman
Ten Thousand Years Ago Berns/King/Benny Goodman
Terrific Stomp Bennie Moten/Washington
Thank You Madam Allen
That Barkin' Dog (Woof Woof!) Austin/Brooks
That's Georgia Little/Gillespie/Shay
That's Right Candoli/Socolow/Jackson
That's What I'm Talking About Bennie Moten/Walder
That's Where You're Wrong Smith
The Jumpin' Jive Calloway/Frank Froeba/Palmer
The Bartender's Just Like A Mother Ricks/Clarke/Spender
The Boomerang Rose/David
The Cheat Wayne/Shouklin
The Closer Etaoin
The Door Hasselbring
The Drive Zach
The Edge Of Love Baker/Charles Ables/Goode
The Egg Or The Hen Sam Theard/Glover/Barrow
The First Time Crain/Weiner
The Gentle Grifter Carleton/Shaw
The Glider Harding
The Henderson Stomp Henderson
The Hornet Harding
The Last Kiss You Gave Me Ruby
The Light House Blues Schuster/Schuster/Yellman
The Melody Man Hendricks/Oliver
The Memphis Maybe Man Gillespie/Doc? Cook/Billy? Moll
The Mirror Weiss
The Muffin Man Unknown
The New Llama Walk Kohlhase
The Old Pail
The Only Girl I Ever Loved Ziegler
The Opener Shrdlu
The Pied Piper Arnold/Gould
The Spider And The Fly Johnson/Razaf/Waller
The Stampede Henderson
The Theme Unknown
The Thief Fisher
The Tourist Radiohead
The Whoopee Stomp Terry/Mills
There'll Be A Great Day In The Mornin' Hill/Mills
There'll Come A Day
There's A Bus That
There's A Bus That's Leaving Soon For Alban Berg Nieske
There's Something New About The Old Moon Tonight Hoffman/Valentine/Mills
There, I've Said It Again Evans/Mann
Think Of Me, Little Daddy Whitman
This Is For Sale
This Is The Way The Puff-Puff Goes Benes
Three O'Clock Jump
Three Quarter Boogie Elliott/Fascinato/Goldberg
Thunder Manners/Lewis
Tia Juana Man
Tichy dum Prochazka
Time's A-Wastin' Maddep/Lunceford
Tippin' In Smith
Tipsy Joe
To Love Again Washington/Stoloff/Sidney
Toby Bennie Moten/Barefield
Tonight Will Live Washington/Lara
Too Close To Call Jefferson
Too Many Dreams Donaldson
Topsy Turvy Calloway/Battle/Noel
Tough Breaks Leonard/Bennie Moten
Tough Love Hill
Tozo! Henderson/Cowdry
Traditional Blues Anonymous
Travelin' That Rocky Road Lovett/Smith
Tree Of Hope Carter
Trop Jeune (Too Young) Ilenas/Lippman
Twenty One Years Miller
Twice Daily
Two In Love Williams
Two Times Sauberg
Two Tired Eyes Davis/Harry? Richman/Meyer
U.F.O. unknown
Un Amour Pleurait (Little White Cloud That Cried) Ray
Un Poquito De Tu Amor Unknown
Uncle Bud Johnson
Under The Other Swell
Unidentified Flourish Unknown
unidentified solo piano Unknown
Unit Structure, As Of Now/Section Taylor
Unlisted Blues Unknown
Unsophisticated Sue Simon/Raymond/Andy Razaf
Untitled Unknown
Untitled Blues Unknown
Untitled No. 3 Hawkins
Uproar Shout Johnson
Uptown Shuffle Johnson/Hawkins
Val's Lament
Venuti's Pagliacci No. 2
Vuelva Patricia Platzman/Morales
Wait 'Til It Happens To You Eckstine/Crowder/Dunlap
Wait'll You See (My Brand New Mama) Roth/Roth
Wait'll You See My Gal Sullivan/Wilber
Waitin' For The Evenin' Mail (Sittin' On The Inside, Lookin' At The Outside) Baskette
Waiting For A Call From You Simons
Waiting On The Champagne
Waking Moment Jefferson
Waltzing The Blues Carter
Was It Like That? Ashby/Neal/Washington
Way Back When Keats/Robinson
Way Down In Lover's Lane Unknown
We Ain't Got Nothin' To Lose Davis/Pete? Wendling/Maslof
We Travel Zebroski
We're Breakin' Up A Lovely Affair Unknown
Weary Weasel
Weddin' Blues Johnson/Hawkins
Well Natch! Tobias/Jaffe
What's Happening Price/Allison/Gabriel
What's The Use Of Cryin' Baby Jack Purvis/Stevens
What's The Use Of Crying? Kindel/Leo F.? Forbstein
When The Moon Shines Down On Sunshine And Me King/Higgins
When We Dance Sting
When You Climb The Golden Stairs
When You're Feeling Blue Jack Purvis/Stevens
Where Can She Be? Burt Shevelove/Lafferty
Where Has Mammy Gone? Carver
Where's The Melody?
While Love Lasts Wilcox
Whoopee Stomp Terry/Mills
Why Did You Do It? George Jessel/Leo Reisma/Breeau/Harry? Tobias
Why Don't You Think Things Over Friedlander/Dinah Washington
Why Go On Pretending Jacobs/Mary Lou Williams
Why Put The Blame On You? Henderson
Wiggle Worm Kirkland/Hawkins
Wiggle Yo Toes Unknown
Wild And Foolish Smith/Don? Redman
Wild Jazz Phil? Baxter/Williams
Wild Party Hudson
Won't You Be My Lovin' Baby? Unknown
Words Spencer
Would You Be Happy? Rush/Mills
Wylie Avenue Blues Albert Brunies/Diaz/Mistier
Yanagumi Pauer
You Better Not Mess With Me
You Bring Me Down Fields/Vernon
You Can't Stop Me Unknown
You Didn't Want Me Then Unknown
You Know Better Than That Covell/Kenny
You Know What The Trouble Is Baby Sy Oliver/Bartley
You Understand Carter/Sonin
You Wouldn't Sauiers/Rossborough
You'd Better Know It
You'll Never Get To Heaven With Those Eyes James V. Monaco/Clarke/Edgar Leslie
You're Hi-De-Hi-ing Me Unknown
You're Just A Dream Gaillard
You're My Life Unknown
You're The First Thing I Think Of In The Morning William? Tracy/Stanley
You're The One For Me, Sweetheart
You've Got Me Under Your Thumb Harry Brooks/Hudgens/Livemash
Your Shirt Tail's Out Gluck/Page
Zag Zig